Optional sections

Outside of the three mandatory sections and those you use to tell the story of your data, there might be additional areas you want to cover. For each of these, think carefully before using any of these common recurring sections; they should only be included if they are beneficial to the user.

Statistician’s comment

This section is for a comment aimed at the media, and if used it goes immediately after the Main points. The comment must be approved by the Media Relations Office. The heading can change to Analyst’s, Author’s, Researcher’s or Economist’s comment as required.

The comment should contextualise the main findings, drawing the information together to highlight something of primary interest to the media. It should not just be a figure that the user can read for themselves elsewhere in the bulletin.

The comment should be placed in double quote marks, followed by the name of the person quoted and their job title. If the person quoted has an ONS Twitter profile, include their handle as a call to action.

“Fewer people got married in England and Wales in 2013, the first decrease in marriages since 2009. The fall could indicate the continuation of the long-term decline in marriages since 1972 or could be due to couples choosing to postpone their marriage to avoid the number 13 which is perceived as unlucky by many cultures.”

Elizabeth McLaren, Vital Statistics Outputs Branch, Office for National Statistics follow @StatsLiz on Twitter.

What’s changed in this release?

Use this section to highlight changes to the release that are noteworthy but not crucial to the user’s understanding of the data the way content in “Things you need to know about this release” is, such as a change in methodology or a seasonal adjustment review.

You might also be interested in

This appears as a box on the right-hand side of the page and is an existing section within the content management system, and will only be rendered if content is provided. This is the place for links related to the publication, as seen in the Marriages in England and Wales: 2013 bulletin. This only provides space for the link text with no context.

Links to related statistics

Use for links to other publications. You can add context or further information about the link where relevant, explaining why the user might want to read this.

Upcoming changes to this bulletin

Use this section to highlight changes that will make future releases of your bulletin different from the latest version, from methodological changes to special events such as Chancellor of the Exchequer Budgets.

Whatever features in this section should appear in the next release’s “Things you need to know about this release”.