Referencing coronavirus in article titles

If the release is specifically about coronavirus, please include this in the title. Use the format “Coronavirus and [topic]” where possible. 

Coronavirus and employment for parents in the UK: October to December 2019

If the release contains some information on coronavirus, but this is not the main focus of the content, include “coronavirus (COVID-19)” in the summary and meta description. For example, the Homeworking in the UK – regional patterns: 2019 to 2022 article summary is: 

Homeworking during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, focusing on changes and how they have altered the distribution of labour across the UK. The Content Design team can help you write short, concise and frontloaded article summaries. Email 

We are constantly improving based on research and best practice. Any significant changes to our guidance are available on the Updates page.

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