What articles do

Articles can be used to provide detailed analysis on topics or to give information on updates or changes to a project or method.

An audit of articles published on the ONS website identified two categories of articles: analysis articles and information articles. Within these, the audit identified seven types of articles: 

Analysis articles

  • in-depth: an in-depth look at a topic using new, previously published or experimental data
  • cross-cutting: broader analysis formed from linking separate data and topics
  • review: retrospective examination of previously published data from a different angle
  • commentary: latest commentary on trends found in thematically linked bulletins
  • digital content article: short articles on a timely topic that are collaboratively written with the Digital Content team and focus on visual representation of data

Information articles

  • method changes: explanation of recent or upcoming changes in methodology and how they affect data or findings
  • progress report: description of or an update on a project, programme or roadmap

Articles are usually published on a one-off or irregular basis, although some articles are published on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Our Digital Content team works with business areas across the ONS to create articles specifically for inquiring citizens. These tend to follow a different format to the articles covered in this guidance. To find out how to commission a Digital Content piece, contact DigitalContent@ons.gov.uk.