Other pages in this release

If you are publishing multiple related bulletins or articles on the same day as part of the same release, then you should include an “Other pages in this release” section at the start of your publications.

This section provides a short introductory sentence followed by a bullet list with links to the other bulletins or articles being published as part of this release. It helps users with navigation and so should be used consistently across all pages in the release.

Only include links to releases that are published on the same day as part of the same release. If you need to link to any related or previously published content, include the links in the Related links section.

Other pages in this release

More commentary on the impacts of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic on the UK economy and society is available on the following pages:

Coronavirus pull-out box

All articles and bulletins related to the coronavirus (COVID-19) should include a “More about coronavirus” pull-out box within the first Analysis section, which links to:

  • the coronavirus product page with links to all our publications and data
  • the latest insights tool
  • the COVID-19 roundup
  • all related data
  • a statement on data collection and safety

The content of this box will be the same across all coronavirus content we publish. It will be added to your release by the Content Design team during the proofreading process in the most appropriate place.

The box should sit near the beginning of the first analysis section (section 2), without getting in the way of the most important analysis. The box should not interrupt paragraphs and charts that are closely linked. 

More about coronavirus

Related links

All coronavirus-related bulletins and articles should include a Related links section as the final section. This should include links to any related content or relevant coronavirus publications, as well as the following standard links and text.

Related links
Coronavirus (COVID-19) latest data and analysis
Web page | Updated as and when data become available
Latest data and analysis on the coronavirus (COVID-19) in the UK and its effect on the economy and society.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) latest insights tool
Interactive tool | Updated as and when data become available
An interactive tool to explore the latest data and trends about the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic from the ONS and other sources.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) roundup
Article | Updated as and when data become available
Catch up on the latest data and analysis related to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and its impact on our economy and society.