If a dataset or headlines are not sufficient for a release, consider publishing articles alongside the data and headline release. The headline release still needs to work as a standalone product. We should not rely on users using an article to understand the headlines.

If there is a frequent requirement to publish articles alongside a headline release, consider whether a bulletin would be more suitable, bearing in mind the principles behind our products. 

Alternatives to supporting articles

If the supporting information is targeted at a smaller audience, consider other ways to share it with the right users:

  • users could get in touch to request copies of particularly long or technical information that is not relevant to most users.
  • consider whether a newsletter might be a better way to share important technical information.

Avoid publishing content that is not relevant to your data

Publishing content that is not relevant to a large number of users damages the user experience of the website, because:

  • it makes it harder for users to find content via search
  • which increases the chances of most users ending up on the wrong page
  • which makes users less likely to trust the website and our content
  • it makes the website more difficult and more expensive to maintain¬†