Articles can be used to provide more detailed analysis of a topic than a bulletin or to explain changes to methods. More detailed article guidance is available.

Best practice for web writing is to use an inverted pyramid style of writing. This means placing information in order of importance, so your main findings and conclusions should come first.

All articles should start with a section that summarises the main trends, analysis or changes detailed in the article. This section should be called “Main points” and include up to six bullet points. The sections that follow should be clearly labelled and organised by topic to help users find the information they need. View detailed guidance on how to structure different types of articles and what sections to include.

Avoid using sections that are traditionally associated with print publications such as “Abstract”, “Executive summary”, “Introduction”,  “Summary” and “Conclusion”. These types of sections slow down users and stop them getting to the analysis. Instead, use short, descriptive labels that reflect the topics of your content. These are much easier for users to quickly scan and take meaning from.

If you would like feedback on your coronavirus article structure or help to write your section headings, email

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