Diagrams are graphics that can help explain information or enhance understanding. They are especially helpful for people who find reading difficult or those who are visual thinkers. Diagrams can include:

  • process maps
  • flowcharts
  • illustrations

A clear text description structured with headings and subheadings is the preferred method to use to explain information and communicate processes. We recommend trying this before using a diagram as it means that:

  • the majority of users can understand the content
  • the content is accessible to more users
  • search engines can read the text and display in search results
  • the content can be easily updated
  • users can zoom and alter the size of text for readability without it becoming pixelated

If you want to help your users visualise a complex process that links off in many directions, the use of a diagram can be considered.

If you are thinking about using a diagram, contact content.design@ons.gov.uk at the earliest opportunity and we can consider the options and advise on the best solution.