To show:

  • ratio
  • percentage
  • proportion
  • share
  • breakdown
  • make up
  • hierarchy

Bar charts and pie charts should be used to show part to whole relationships.

Pie charts should only be used when there are less than six categories, otherwise use a bar chart or, if appropriate, combine categories.

Rank the categories in a pie chart and start the first segment at the 12 o’clock position.

Segments of a pie chart must sum to 100%. If the categories do not sum to a meaningful whole, do not use a pie chart. Where appropriate categories can be combined to highlight a certain message but should never be removed.

All main categories included

Religion categories combined

No religion and not stated categories removed

If no categories are dominant use a bar chart to illustrate your data.

Multiple part to whole

Use bars to enable comparisons to be made across multiple part to whole charts.

To enable comparisons within sub-categories

To enable comparisons across sub-categories