Colour association

Certain colours have different meaning associated with them, which will vary dependent on context.

For example:

  • red: caution, anger, love, negative (in finance), hot
  • orange: warm, autumn
  • yellow: happy, fun, young
  • green: nature, calm, good luck
  • blue: stability, professional, cold, trust, intelligence
  • purple: wealth, mystical, decadent
  • brown: rustic, practical, warm, vintage
  • white: sterile, innocence, peace, truth, cleanliness
  • black: sophistication, death, night, contemporary
  • multicolour: international, all inclusive, multicultural

Where appropriate use colours that are naturally associated with the categories they are representing.

However, you need to be aware of colour association with potentially sensitive topics, for example, political parties. The use of a particular colour can change the context of what you are presenting.