Article pages

Articles can be used to provide more detailed analysis on topics or to give updates or changes to a project or method. There are eight types of article on the ONS website. These are: 

  • in-depth analysis 
  • cross-cutting analysis 
  • review 
  • commentary
  • methodology changes
  • progress report 
  • current and upcoming work
  • digital content article

Our article guidance includes more information about each of these article types and how to structure them. View and download article templates.

Articles should only be used for presenting analysis of new data if they are published alongside a bulletin or data-only release. An article cannot be the only release of new data. If you are publishing the first release of new data, always use a bulletin, headline or data-only release.

Articles can be created in a series but most articles are likely to be one-off pieces of analysis. View the Creating bulletins and articles in a series section for more detail on how series work. 

Articles should not be used to provide detailed methodology information, such as processes, methods, quality or definitions. Use a methodology page for this type of content.

The content management system does not allow related downloads to be added on the right-hand side of an article page. We can include a green “View all data used in this release” button to link to any datasets referenced in the analysis.