Creating bulletins and articles in a series

When publishing a release, we first need to establish where the publication needs to be built on the website. It will either be created in an existing series (if it is a new edition of an existing publication) or in a new series (if there is no previous edition).

A series is used to link multiple editions of an article or bulletin together. We are not able to mix content types in a series. This means if the first edition is created as an article, all future editions must be published as articles. It is important we get the content type and title right for the first release.

Contact if you are publishing a brand new series to ensure we use the correct content type and title.

The series is created using the title of the publication and this cannot be changed once it has been created. Everything in the title before the colon determines the series and everything after the colon forms the edition.

Baby names in England and Wales: 2021

This would be the “2021” edition of the “Baby names in England and Wales” bulletin series.

Existing series

A new edition of a bulletin or article should be created in the relevant existing series. This will link the latest release to any previous editions so that users can easily navigate between them.

When adding to an existing series, you will only need to update the edition (the part of the title after the colon).

New series

Bulletins and articles that are being published for the first time and are not updates of an existing publication should be created in a brand new series. The title should be agreed before the content is submitted to ensure it is frontloaded, topic-focused and meets ONS title guidance.

Contact with your title if you are publishing the first edition in a series. You can also view more detailed title guidance.