Edit your content to make sure it gives your users the information they need as quickly and easily as possible. When doing so, think about the structure of your content, both overall, and of the paragraphs and sentences.  

Editing tips 

When editing, make sure your content: 

  • starts with the most important information – known as frontloading  
  • has a clear structure and logical section headings 
  • has just one topic per paragraph 
  • uses plain English and short sentences – a maximum of 25 words 
  • uses the active voice   
  • uses consistent terminology, spellings, tone and formatting in line with house style 
  • explains acronyms and abbreviations in the first instance in a section – do not assume the user has prior knowledge of the subject 

To edit you should: 

  • read the content aloud to help you identify where sentences may be too long or complex 
  • read slowly so you see what is there – not what you expect to see 
  • ask someone else to read your draft