National Statistics

Releases that are officially designated as National Statistics should display the logo and include a short statement detailing when it was last assessed and subsequent improvements to the statistics.

How to format National Statistics status information


  • the subheading “National Statistics status for [name of statistics]”
  • the date the most recent full assessment where National Statistics status was awarded, with a link to the relevant Office for Statistics Regulation page
  • the date of its last compliance check, with a link to the relevant Office for Statistics Regulation page
  • a short bullet list of any improvements since the last assessment

Provide examples of the improvements that users are most likely to be interested in and will support their interpretation of the statistics. The level of detail should be proportionate. If there are a lot of improvements to highlight, or ones that require detailed explanation, link to a separate methodological page.

National Statistics status for Effects of taxes and benefits on UK
National Statistics status means that our statistics meet the highest standards of trustworthiness, quality and public value, and it is our responsibility to maintain compliance with these standards.

Date of most recent full assessment: December 2011.

Most recent compliance check which confirms National Statistics status: November 2018.

Improvements since last review:

  • improved our income inequality statistics by developing new methods to better measure the incomes for the very richest people by using administrative tax data from HMRC
  • worked with the Economic Statistics Centre of Excellence to develop new measures exploring the distribution of social transfers-in-kind provided by adult social care, providing new statistics and insight into an important policy area
  • responded to user research, moving away from a single large publication to smaller more targeted releases, covering average income, and income inequality separately

For more on National Statistics, read the Office for Statistics Regulation guidance (PDF, 310KB).