Proofread your final, edited content to make sure your work is error-free. The proofread is your final check before you send content to be published. 

Proofreading tips 

  • Check for spelling, grammar and punctuation errors. 
  • Use ONS house style. 
  • Read the content aloud to help you identify where sentences may be too long or complex.
  • Read it slowly so you see what is there – not what you expect to see. 
  • Check for errors in any datasets and charts. 
  • Check the format – delete any extra line spaces and check how the paragraphs are formatted. 
  • Ensure any headings are labelled with the correct heading level and label in the document. 
  • Ask someone else to proofread your draft. 

The Content Design team also will do a final proofread of your content for house style and spelling errors when you submit it. 

We are constantly improving based on research and best practice. Any significant changes to our guidance are available on the Updates page.