Introduction to social media

We publish over 4,000 social media posts a year, with content that can be seen by millions of people every week. Our main social media channels are Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Our social media content is tailored to each channel and its audience.

Twitter content is largely topical statistical releases published that day and ad hoc content for relevant awareness days. Twitter posts are usually linked as a thread (more details available in Structuring a Twitter thread).

Facebook content is often about releases related to people, communities and well-being that have a human angle and broad appeal. Posts often take the form of questions to encourage sharing, as Facebook’s algorithm favours friends and families’ content over brands’. Promotions of interactive tools, like our life expectancy calculator and baby names explorer, often perform well on Facebook.

LinkedIn content is usually related to the labour market, business, industry and trade, and the economy, as well as the Office for National Statistics’ (ONS) corporate news and National Statistical blog posts.

Regardless of the channel, we make sure our social media content can be understood by a broad audience from any background.