Structuring a tweet

We know that online readers scan content (rather than reading every word), are distracted by things going on around them, and want to get information as quickly as possible.

To meet these needs with our written content, we should do the following:

  • put the need-to-know information first; this is usually a number or statistic
  • use simple language
  • structure content clearly, for example including line breaks and bullet points
  • cut unnecessary words
  • avoid puns, metaphorical language, acronyms and jargon
  • include links and hashtags if relevant
  • end with a call to action (for example, “find out more” or “read our thread”), particularly for re-promotions
  • give context around basic statistics

Twitter posts can be 280 characters (without a link), or 256 characters with a link to a publication.

Facebook and LinkedIn posts have a much higher limit (2,000 for Facebook and 3,000 for LinkedIn).