Static pages

There are two types of static pages on the website: static articles and generic static pages. 

Static articles are similar to methodology articles but are mainly used for survey, census and corporate information. They have a table of contents but no PDF download. For example, the How to take part in the COVID-19 Infection Survey and census question development and research pages.

Generic static pages are text-only pages that can only be created in the About us section of the website. They are used to display news and general information, such as events or updates on the work of the organisation. They do not include a table of contents or the option for a PDF download. 

These are stand-alone pages that cannot be built in a series and do not have previous versions. They are different to methodology article pages as they can only be created in certain sections of the website, not in the main statistical areas. 

These pages also allow related downloads on the right-hand side. 

The publishing team can advise on which page type to use for your content – contact them at