Bulletin sections

Bulletin sections separate the different types of content on the page. They reflect the user needs and priorities we have identified through research.


Section Content
Other pages in this release (optional) When publishing more than one bulletin in a release, use this section to link to them
Main points Up to six bullets containing headline figures or trends in the data

Can be followed by a statistician’s comment

Analysis sections (split into numbered sections by topic) Commentary on what the majority of your users would find interesting, noteworthy or important about the new data

Create a separate section for each topic covered in your analysis. Section headings should be short, descriptive labels. Use narrative subheadings to break up the analysis in each section

Can include warnings to let users know about something that fundamentally affects the way they use your analysis

[Name of bulletin] data Links to the most relevant datasets referenced in this bulletin
Glossary Definitions of between three and six terms used in this bulletin
Measuring the data A short summary of the data sources and collection method

Can link to more detailed Quality and Methodology Information (QMI) reports, methodology articles, user guides and planned changes

Strengths and limitations Information to help users correctly interpret the data, including how the data should or should not be used.
Related links Links to in-depth analysis or articles on this subject from the ONS

Can include links to associated bulletins, such as revised or mid-year estimates

Links to related publications or statistics that users might find useful 

Can include links to publications from other organisations

Cite this statistical bulletin Format as:  

Office for National Statistics (ONS), released XX Month 20XX, ONS website, statistical bulletin, Title: edition with link embedded 

This will help writers and academics to cite ONS statistical bulletins correctly and consistently. 

Shorter releases

If there is not enough to say for a full bulletin, or there is little user engagement, consider streamlining your content or moving to a data-only release.