Structuring a headline release


Section Content
Other pages in this release When publishing more than one content page (not datasets) in a release, use this section to link to them
Main points Up to six bullets containing headline figures or trends in the data.
Bullet points can highlight key changes around certainty or methodology changes.
Can include one short warning for essential caveats.
[Name of headline release] data Links to the most relevant datasets referenced in this release.
Measuring the data Should link to more detailed Quality and Methodology Information (QMI) reports, methodology articles, user guides and planned changes.
May also include short updates on important changes, linking to separate pages when there are significant updates.
Related links Links to in-depth analysis or articles on this subject from the ONS.
Can include links to associated bulletins, such as revised or mid-year estimates.
Links to related publications or statistics that users might find useful.
Can include links to publications from other organisations.