What to link to

Research tells us that users have two separate needs from related links – to go into more detail, or to find broader but related content. 

Include between three and six links in this section. These links should be to:

  • articles containing deeper analysis of the topic than the bulletin can provide
  • the latest release of other related bulletins, including any related bulletins from the same theme day
  • analysis of data from multiple sources
  • recent ONS publications that also reference this specific topic 
  • relevant articles that are published by other official organisations

Links should help users get directly to relevant content. Do not link to: 

Links to data should sit in the Data section, and links to methodological articles should be in the Measuring the data section. If your release contains more than one bulletin, use the Other pages in this release section to link between them.

The content design team can use analytics to help you choose which links to include – email content.design@ons.gov.uk.

Each link should include:

  • the title of what you are linking to
  • the type of content you are linking to (Bulletin, Article, Methodology, Wep page, Report or User guide)
  • the release date
  • up to 30 words describing what the link points to – use the summary of that page if appropriate

Consumer price inflation, updating weights
Article | Released 18 March 2019
An overview of the latest annual update of Consumer Prices Index including owner occupiers’ housing costs (CPIH) weights.

We are constantly improving based on research and best practice. Any significant changes to our guidance are available on the Updates page.