What we measure

We have created an analytics dashboard using Google Analytics and Google Search Console to gather information about how our users interact with the website and its content. This helps us to make improvements to the website to make sure we meet the needs of our users. Please note this only works for internal ONS staff.

By using analytics data, we can measure:

  • pageviews (total and unique)
  • word count
  • average time on page
  • bounce rate
  • how users got to the page (for example, through a search engine, direct link or referral)
  • device type
  • most clicked sections in the table of contents or drop-down menu
  • Google search terms that brought users to the page

We have created an analytics dashboard that summarises these measures for business areas to use. For all of these measures, we can select the page and the time period we want to look at.

We also gather analytics data on downloads (PDF and datasets) and on-site search and navigation. You can request this by emailing content.design@ons.gov.uk

If you have any queries about the analytics data or measures used, or you would like to request additional insights into your content, email content.design@ons.gov.uk.