Ways we find out about our users

We find out about our users and their needs through:  

  • metrics and analytics 
  • testing content 
  • interviews 
  • surveys 

Using these tools, we can find out:  

  • how many users visit our pages 
  • how they behave on and interact with the page
  • how they got to the page and where they went next 
  • what search terms brought them to our page  

Card sort exercises can also help us to understand our users’ expectations and what topics or information they find most useful. This can help to inform the structure of our content. 

We have a sample of users who test our content and provide us with feedback and observations about how they found using our website. This can help us to understand what users like or find easy to use on a page, as well as what they dislike or find difficult to use.

It can also help us to identify things that may be missed or misunderstood. We can use this feedback to improve the language and design of the content to better meet the needs of users.