Dates and numbers


Use the format [Month] [Year].

March 2014
December 2019


Use months instead of quarters. When you can prove that either ‘Q1’ or ‘Quarter 1’ are searched for, then follow the term with an explanation of which months are included in the quarter.

Business investment: Jan to Mar 2014 provisional results
Gross domestic product: preliminary estimate Q1 Jan to Mar 2014

Date Spans

Use [date] to [date]. If months are used, repeat the year after each month.

2009 to 2010
July 2014 to September 2014

Non-calendar years

Use the type of year and ending month and year.

financial year ending March 2011
academic year ending July 2013


Use ‘aged [age] to [age] years’. For ages under a year, include months or weeks.

aged 6 to 8 weeks
aged 9 to 10 years

Bottom limits for age restrictions should use ‘aged [age] and over’, and not a plus sign.

aged 75 and over