Release title

A release title should:

  • be under 65 characters
  • describe the statistics in the release in plain English
  • include the coverage and time the statistics relate to
  • be in sentence case
  • include “experimental” if Experimental Statistics
  • use a colon instead of hyphens or dashes, and a comma if you need a second separator

UK overseas trade statistics: non-EU February 2014
HES-MHMDS data linkage report: August 2015, Experimental Statistics

A release title should not:

  • be excessively long (or it will cut off in the search results)
  • contain jargon or technical language
  • include abbreviations or acronyms (unless well known, for example, UK or EU)

Cereal use by UK brewers, distillers and maltsters: November 2014 (65 characters)


Cereal usage by brewers, distillers and maltsters in the UK: November 2014 (74 characters)