Methodology pages

Methodology pages can be used to publish a single page of content that does not need to have previous versions. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Quality and Methodology Information (QMI) reports
  • Quality Assurance of Administrative Data (QAAD) reports
  • methodology guides and documents
  • user guides
  • glossaries (concepts and definitions)

These pages should be used to provide detailed explanatory information on current methods, data collection and other aspects of quality such as accuracy, reliability and comparability. They should not be used to present data or analysis.

Methodology pages are stand-alone and cannot be built in a series. Content on these pages is replaced as information is revised. There is no previous edition but the “last revised” date shows when it was last updated.

These pages also allow you to add related downloads on the right-hand side. Avoid including any content that is PDF-only unless it has been agreed as an exception (for example, samples of the census questionnaire which need to be published in the format they were used). These downloads can also be linked to from the text with clear link text that tells the user where the link will take them; this should also include the file type and size.