Charts, maps, infographics and other images

  • all content in an image (such as axes, keys and other labels) and footnotes must be easy to read for someone with typical eyesight
  • upload a larger version of the image so users can click on it to enlarge it if chart labels are not easily read
  • write out acronyms in full or clearly explain them
  • don’t use red and green together, as it’s difficult to distinguish between them
  • make sure there’s clear distinction between different lines

All images must have alt text. When you hover over the image, a box will appear with a brief, accurate description of the image. This should be around 15 words, and not repeat the image title or content in the text. Screen readers read this out for people with visual disabilities.

Images must be no more than 600 pixels wide but can be longer than 600 pixels. However, consider usability when determining the length of an image; it needs to be fully visible on-screen without too much scrolling.